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T-REX – your Tailored Regulatory Exchange

The regulatory landscape is always shifting. How do you keep up?

T-REX stands for Tailored Regulatory Exchange. It is a tailored service that monitors and summarises regulatory changes that are relevant to your industry. As a subscriber to this service, you receive a monthly tailored newsletter (T-REX), and exclusive access to a database of previously published articles.

This service has been providing value to Responsible Managers and Compliance staff of AFSL and ACL holders since 2004. It covers Financial Services Regulation, Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing, and Consumer Credit Regulation updates.

Benefits of the service

  • Training. You can include T-REX on your training register to help demonstrate that you are maintaining your knowledge and organisational competence as required of Responsible Managers (RMs). It can also help you meet your AML/CTF training requirements.

  • Get answers. You can comment or ask questions about any of our articles – direct from your tailored newsletter, or via the database by logging into your online account.

  • Update your procedures. We include tips to update your procedures, where relevant.

  • Peace of mind. Know that regulatory changes that affect your business are less likely to “slip through the cracks”.

  • Research tool. We can save you time by helping to guide your research: we include links to various sources for you to explore in more detail.

  • Save time. The newsletter is tailored to your industry group. If you’re not an AML/CTF reporting entity, for example, we won’t tell you about changes to the law relating to AML/CTF.

  • Industry commentary. We add our own thoughts and observations acquired “from the field”, in the varying capacities of our authors as lawyers and compliance consultants.

How T-REX helps your senior managers meet CPD requirements

  • FASEA. Claim up to 4 hours of T-REX reading in a CPD year for advisers who are subject to FASEA.

  • AFSL RMs. Get your Responsible Managers to read T-REX to help maintain their knowledge and skills as required by RG 105.7.

  • Credit RMs. Use T-REX to build internal training for your Responsible Managers to satisfy the licence condition that they have compliance training on regulatory requirements related to credit activities.

  • FPA. Claim up to 6.6 hours of T-REX reading for FPA members, as part of the unstructured hours option for CPD.

  • CPA or CAANZ. Claim up to 10 hours of T-REX reading for CPA or CAANZ members, as part of the unstructured hours option for CPD.

  • AML/CTF. Use T-REX as part of your AML/CTF risk awareness training program for employees, required by Rule 8.2.1.

  • Privacy. Use T-REX to help you take reasonable steps to implement practices, procedures and systems to ensure compliance with the APPs, as required by APP 1.2.

Please refer to the relevant CPD regime to ensure that your senior managers are applying the requirements correctly to their situation.

Who are our contributors?

Our contributors are lawyers and compliance consultants with lots of hands-on experience with licensees. They spend most of their time working in financial services and regulatory compliance.


Please contact us for pricing and for more information about T-REX.